Where can i watch The Young And The Restless 01-06-23 Recap | Y&R 6th January 2023 Recap

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The Young And The Restless 01-06-23 Recap | Y&R 6th January 2023 Recap

The Young And The Restless 01-06-23 Recap,

Nick went to see Sharon. He was glad she was smiling. She said she was staying busy. She said she had distractions with Ashland and Diane being around. She told him that she got to tell Ashland how she felt. Chance wanted to talk to Sharon. 

Chance told Sharon that he talked to one of Rey’s teammates in Spain’s wives and told her that things do get better. Sharon said it has been hard, but she had a support system. He said he and Abby were part of her support system. She thanked him for planning the memorial for Rey. 
Chance told Sharon that he was worried about her. She said Rey’s spirit was with her. She said she was doing okay. She asked how he was doing. He said he felt the same way. She said she knew Rey always thought things would turn around for Chance. He said he was working on closing all of Rey’s cases as a tribute. She thought that was nice of him. 

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Abby was upset to see Diane at her restaurant. Diane told her she was staying because of Kyle wanted to spend more time together. Abby said Kyle would regret that decision. Diane said she was staying at the athletic club on Kyle’s dime. Abby said not everyone was consumed with what she was doing. She said they thought Diane was a terrible person. 
Diane apologized to Abby. Abby said her feelings about her would never change. Diane asked her to think of Kyle. Abby said she would restrain herself when she was around Kyle, but she was going to be hostile as she wanted. 
Sharon told Nick about Chance’s gesture. Nick reminded her it was the anniversary of Cassie’s death a few days ago. He was afraid of how Rey’s death was affecting her since she didn’t mention it. She said every year she was flooded with memories and anger over how Cassie died. 
Sharon told Nick Cassie has been dead longer than she was with them. She asked how that happened. He said it felt like yesterday. She said it was all too much for her the other day so she compartmentalized everything and got moving. She said she decided not to talk about the anniversary because she had to get through that day. Nick said he understood. 
Nick told Sharon he was glad she was coming through this. He wondered if there was anything he could do. She told him she wanted to go to Cassie’s grave with flowers. She wanted to talk to Cassie. She asked him if he would go with her. 
Abby talked to Billy about Diane. Abby told him Diane said Kyle wanted her to stay. She said Kyle was paying for Diane to stay at the athletic club. He thought Diane might have changed and would surprise them. Abby understood him wanting to give people a second chance, but he was giving Diane too much credit. He said he would own up to it if he was wrong. He went over to Diane’s table. 
Diane was thankful that Billy wasn’t judmental like the others. He said he didn’t forget that what she did, but he wanted to know what she planned to do. She said Kyle and Summer were planning to stay in town. She said Kyle asked her to stay. She said she would stay for as long as he wanted her to. 
Billy asked Diane how Jack felt about her staying in town. She said Jack wasn’t happy she was there but he was supportive of Kyle’s wishes. She said when she and Jack met, he wasn’t reliable or parental. She said he came a long way. She admired that. She said she would like to be like that. Billy told her not compare herself to someone else. 
Diane asked Billy if he could put in a goid word for her. He said if redemption was possible for him, it was possible for others. He said he wouldn’t change his opinion about her unless she gave him a reason to. 




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