Days of Our Lives 05-09-23 Recap 9th May 2023 live stream today

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 05-09-23 Recap 9th May 2023

Days of Our Lives 05-09-23,

Xander took Sarah to Mickey’s gravestone. He told her that their love started on a lie. He told her that he was stupid and  by keeping the truth from her. He promised he wouldn’t do that anymore. He knew he stole her chance to mourn her when he switched the babies. He said she would have the chance to mourn her child. 

Sarah looked at the headstone and noticed the fresh flowers. She couldn’t believe she forgot Mickey was gone. She thought the flowers were from her mother. Xander confirmed the flowers were from Maggie. He said that he left the roses for Mickey. He told her that they brought roses there everyday after she forgave him. She was impressed with his answer. He told her that he loved her too. He said she was his child as far as he was concerned. She started crying and thanked him for remembering her. She said Mickey forgave him, but she didn’t think she would be able to do it. 

Days of Our Lives 05-09-23 Recap 9th May 2023

Chloe fears Nicole is flirting with disaster. Leo finds himself on the hot seat. Chad makes a horrifying discovery. Justin, Bonnie, and Alex receive devastating news.

Xander thanked Sarah for going to the cemetery with him. She touched the headstone and told him that she remembered forgiving him. She started crying. She told him that she remembered everything. 
Leo went to see Gwen at the prison. He wanted to know if she wanted to get revenge along with him. Gwen said that she only had one person to go after and that was Abby. He admitted he didn’t touch Sonny when he drugged him. She refused to admit whether she killed Laura. They put their heads together. They realized that Chad and Abby were too strong for another cheating scandal. They also take murder off the table. Leo knew there had to be a way to get revenge on them. Gwen was determined to find a way. 
Sonny went to the station about Leo. Shawn told him if the test proved he was drugged, he would gladly arrest Leo. Sonny and Will went to the hospital to get Kayla’s help. She took blood from Sonny. Will was sorry that Sonny went through that. He said that Leo would be sorry for what he did. 
Chad walked in the living room and saw Belle and EJ making out. He tried to leave, but Belle wanted to explain what he saw. Chad didn’t need an explanation. He knew she was mad at Shawn, but he thought she could try to work things out with him the same way he did. EJ assured him that nothing was going on between them. He apologized to Belle for overstepping. Chad didn’t want an explanation. He left them alone. 
Belle thanked EJ for taking responsibility for what happened. She said she kissed him back. He said it didn’t mean anything. Belle wanted to know if he was sure it didn’t. She told him the attraction between them was growing. He wanted to know what they would do about it. She said she couldn’t live with the guilt of an affair. She wasn’t ready to give up on her marriage yet. EJ said he cared about her, but his heart belonged to Sami. He apologized for taking advantage of her. He promised not to do it again. 

Days of Our Lives 05-09-23 Recap 9th May 2023.

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